Terms and Conditions

Automatic withdrawal 5th of every month. 

No harassment or vulgar language or profanity or account will be deactivated. If there is any form of the above will result in the potential suspension or deactivation of your account. 

All Real Estate Licensees must give proof of their current valid. They must also keep a valid state license in order for their profile to be displayed on DaBlock. Also must provide their Principal brokerage information 

Sellers are required to have the same terms as the Real estate professional. 

Seller accounts to pay on a month-to-month automatic payment schedule and must deactivate their account at least 3 days prior to the renewal date “5th of every month” Or will be subject to be billed for the next month. 

All customer and account users have the ability to leave reviews for anyone they work with or get services from after a transaction has happened. Whether good or bad ALL reviews will be viewed by the administration in order to manage the quality of services and customer experience. Because DaBlock focuses on the maintenance of health-quality business transition and relationships it is crucial that all users understand that any bad, dishonest, fraudulent, etc. personalia that we find will be subjected to be removed after the investigation question. DaBlock prides itself on good quality professional business deals within the Black community and will protect the integrity of holding our users to a high standard so that our community becomes more productive but also change the narrative of black non-quality business and service providers. ALL user accounts will be monitored to assure respectful and quality business/ transactions are being conducted. 

All users much display a professional headshot from the waist up. 

Once DaBlock real estate Brokers license is granted by the state there will be a Finder’s Fee of 5% that will be commissioned from both the Sellers Agent Cooperating Fee and the 5% Buyer Agent Fee Referral Fee

 2% Seller Agent Cooperating Fee (BAC) 2% Buyer Agent Fee

DaBlock Standard %5 Referral Fee DaBlock Standard%5 Referral Fee

 Agents must keep the up-to-date status of their home on the listing.   

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