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My name is Iyesha Rosser a Portland native, Jefferson alumni, and Xavier University of Louisiana (HBCU graduate). I am the Founder and CEO of DaBlock. DaBlock is a company focused on fighting gentrification by connecting Black Home buyers to Black Home Sellers. This all originated from me and my sister being forced to sell my grandparent’s home on 11th and Alberta back in 2016, to pay for their memory care and medical costs. It had been in our family for over 60 years and we desperately wanted to find a Black family who was in the market to sell to. However, we couldn’t find anyone. So unfortunately we ended up selling to an investor. 

About a year later when a friend came to visit me in New Orleans, she was expressing to me how she was actually in the market at the same time looking to move her family to Portland from Vancouver. Turns out she happened to be looking for the exact size house we had and the exact prime location. My heart dropped and I just thought man we just lost that easy transfer of wealth within our community, just like that! Only if we would have known! But it was too late.

This broke my heart. God put it in my spirit year after year that I needed to do something about it, so I did. Now here it is, 2022 DaBlock was created!

This initiative has grown over the past 4 months into including all of the pre and post-buying needs specifically for our community. From Black-focused First-time homebuying classes to Black Mortgage Lenders, Black Real Estate Brokers even Black Interior designers. All will be able to advertise themselves and their services on DaBlock. DaBlock also allows Black Homeowners (For Sell Buy Owners) the ability to post and find, and market to people who look like them. In addition, it allows other people outside of the Black community, who desired to spend their money with Black Professionals (throughout their real estate journey) to locate them here. This site is created to help bridge the gap and foster the tight connections we as a community lost so long ago. DaBlock allows for us to have “Go-To people” at every step of the home buying, managing, and selling process. This is the beginning of a new era of Black connections and us getting back to the basics.

I am a startup and we are launching soon. So, I am very interested in coming to sign up people interested in being a part of DaBlock’s community-focused initiative. Whether if it is a booth or just allowing me to come with my tablet to share the word. I am happy for whatever you all have available seeing I know it is late notice. I was Blessed to share this opportunity on the Juneteenths stage this weekend and would be honored to do the same at “Good N the Hood”.

Thank you for your time!

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I reached out to DaBlock when I was contemplating a recent real estate deal. DaBlock connected me to an amazing Real Estate Agent that help me make the right decision. I appreciate DaBlock for making the connection
by Myesha Abdulrahman
Human Resources Director, Target
Da Block is a necessary resource in the Pacific Northwest for the real estate industry. It guarantees a comfort and familiarity in the home buying/ selling process that cannot be found other places. It's for us by us culture and holistic approach can not be beat.
by A.P

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